On behalf of Tianfoor Foundation committee and members, we all feel very sad for the pass-away of Mr. Jashu Shah , the founding and former President of Asian Vegetarian Union. wish to send our heartfelt condolescence to the wife , family and friends, Indian Vegetarian Societies and Mumbi people for the big loss of Mr. Jashu Shah.

We sincerely feel that have lost our great and true friend and also one of devoted persons in vegetarian world. He is not a true friend to us, as human beings, also a real friend to animals and the vegetarian world.

We pray and wish his soul will be free from all sufferings and peaceful in a heavenly place under the kindest will of God.

As being still alive and active , we should continue our activities in vegetarianism and follow Jashu Shah 's exemplifying deed.


Dr.Maitree Suttajit, Ph.D.





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